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Food Safety Culture Starts at the Door

A unique combination kills Coronavirus, Norovirus, Hep A, and Cold/Flu Viruses Culture kudos to Panera! They care enough about their team and those served to do their best-practice homework and put it into action. Their implementation of this public service demonstrates an understanding that formulation, dispenser and location are all needed to stimulate actual use. Frequent use creates a barrier …

Weak Handwashing—Awareness Week

Dramatic Improvements Available in Handwashing Compliance The infamy of poor handwashing compliance is shared by the healthcare and foodservice industries. Both are estimated to be south of 50% of their own policy standards. National Handwashing Awareness Week, December 6-12, was created for the public but for 2020/2021 has a special importance for caregivers, food workers and their leaders. Awareness of …
Weak Handwashing—Awareness Week
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