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The Operator’s Choice Handwash

A new evidence-based standard for a Clean Hand Many well-intentioned advisers have failed to help operators change handwashing behaviors in Foodservice. Their vague advice, starting with the FDA’s Model Food Code, is not actionable. A synonym for vague is lacking definition and surprisingly, there is no definition for a Clean Hand. These 7 steps are the sequence for a restaurateur …
The Operator’s Choice Handwash

Hand Sanitizer for Visually Soiled Hands: SaniTwice® & SaniOnce™

Hand Sanitizer for Visually Soiled Hands: SaniTwice® & SaniOnce™
Alcohol has an extensive history in safely reducing the risk of infections. There are references back to biblical times of using wine to cleanse wounds. Its success as a hand sanitizer was confirmed during the global COVID experience, and recommended for use where hands are not visually contaminated. Restaurant clientele now expect to have ready access to Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer …
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