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The People & Process Factors in Caregiver Handwashing

Sustainable HAI Reductions Depend on Compliance Verification Caregiver handwashing rates appear quite high right now, thanks to the COVID-19 scare. Fear is apparently a good driver but a likely temporary one. It is expected that these “COVID-19” handwashing rates will soon be returning to the pre-pandemic normal of 30-40%. Today’s special situation is a unique window for operators to develop …
The People & Process Factors in Caregiver Handwashing

COVID-19: Nursing Home Resident Perspectives

nurse with mask holding smartphone for elderly woman in nursing home
Waiting for CDC’s 2020 projection for HAI related deaths Nursing Home residents had no idea of the HAI death rate associated with their new home prior to the release of COVID-19’s devastating statistics. That message doesn’t fit with the tone of the alluring brochures, brimming with coveted services and wellness opportunities. It also doesn’t fit with regulatory agencies as they …

Proper COVID-19 Hand Sanitizing

No Water, No Wash, No Problem The use (and misuse) of hand sanitizers has exploded with the onslaught of Coronavirus. Its convenience factor plus CDC, NIH, and FDA support have driven its application to new heights in away-from-home settings. It may well prove to be the #1 intervention for this virus as two of the four routes of transmission are …
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Better Handwashing 101

Better Handwashing 101
Measurement is Key for Quality and Frequency Training Handwashing in this post-COVID-19 era is a higher valued event in protecting caregivers, patients, the dining public and their food prep/serve team. Rebuilding public trust in their organizations is a common goal. Protocols are matched to the risk. Their effectiveness is at the heart of the ProGrade™ handwash quality system. Then comes …

The Core Handwash Poster

This poster is a no-charge download, designed as a training aid and a daily reminder of a more professional and productive 20-second handwash. The sequence listed in step #3 converts the mindless passing of time method to a make-sense increase in friction. This change also encourages the caregiver to think of handwashing as a process based on chemistry, physics, and …
The Core Handwash Poster
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